• Agencies that Benefit

    Benefits of incorporating the Carebidet into the protocol of care at Agencies

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    Non-Skilled Agencies

    Differentiated offering and improved staff morale

    The Carebidet enables home care agencies to provide more dignified care to customers while saving them money

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    Skilled Agencies

    Improved care and improved patient outcomes

    The Carebidet enables skilled agencies to providing better care that improves individual outcomes

    Institutions: The Carebidet can be leased for as low as $386.12 per month* or rented for as low as $312.76 per month** (See Terms and Conditions Below)

    * Actual monthly lease payment is subject to the Lease Application being approved and its terms and conditions accepted by both parties. Monthly lease payment of $386.12 is based on a 60-month term, with the Carebidet being owned by Lessee /Borrower at the end of the term.

    ** Actual monthly rental payment is subject to the Rental Application being approved and its terms and conditions accepted by both parties. Monthly rental fee of $312.76 is based on a 60-month term, with the Carebidet being returned at the end of the rental term to the Lessor/Lender at the end of the 60-month term.

  • Benefits to Agencies

    Benefits range from greater efficiency and higher staff morale to improved individual/patient outcomes

    Which of these Benefits are Important to You

    The Carebidet innovative automatic toileting system is not only the smart solution for patients, families and caregivers, but it provides agencies with some very smart opportunities as well.

    For your potential new patients and customers, you can offer a 16 hours per day/7 day a week caregiver package (rather than 24 hours) with the Carebidet covering the night shift toileting needs. But, because you offer a much more efficient, cost-effective package than your competitors, you connect with more clients.

    This might reduce overall per patient hours, but home care agencies get more clients because they have unique services. Also, staffing night shifts is always a challenge, and the Carebidet avoids any worry about the clients complaining about night shift caregivers falling asleep.

    Caregivers much prefer working with the Carebidet compared to traditional diaper/brief care. The result for agencies is improved staff recruitment and retention.

    In addition:

    • Reduced waste from no adult briefs.
    • Almost complete elimination of odors
    • Savings: staff, consumables, laundry, less cleaning supplies
    • Increased staff productivity and improved morale
    • Differentiation from competitors, higher quality more advanced care.
    • Potential reductions in: workmen’s compensation claims, urinary tract infections (UTIs), facility caused, pressure wounds, potential ‘re-admissions’, and potential patient falls while trying to make it to the bathroom
    • Improved patient outcomes by better and more dignified care
    • Better online reviews from better care
    • Positive impact your Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) score, by reducing adult brief waste and Co2 emissions

    The Carebidet is a ‘game-changer’ in this care-providing space, and it allows agencies to offer next-generation care to THIS generation.

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