• The Curaco Carebidet is a Game-Changing Solution for those caring for the Incontinent or Mobility Challenged

    An innovative automatic toileting system that was created for people with limited mobility, such as the elderly, disabled, or patients restricted to bed and those with incontinence

    The many benefits of Carebidet Care

    1. Provides better and more dignified care for the incontinent or mobility challenged


    2. Increases staff morale and productivity as they can focus on care versus frequent


    3. Improves staff recruitment and retention as staff no longer deals with the dirtiest part of

    their job

    a. 63% time-savings and 54% reduction in cumulative care burden (3-year study)
    4. Increases net revenues per bed by at least $20 per day
    5. Reduces waste from adult briefs and associate supplies (3,812 lbs or 1.8 tons per person

    at 6-7 adult brief changes per day)
    6. Reduces laundry costs 
    7. Reduce waste disposal costs 
    8. Reduce odor because all excretion odor is passed through HEPA filters and UVC lights

    and stored in a waste tank
    9. Potential reduction in workmen’s compensation claims from less back strain and injuries
    10. Potential reduction in facility contracted urinary track infections (UTIs)
    11. Potential reduction in facility caused pressure wounds (e.g. PIs/PUs) 
    a. Use of a Carebidet is effective in reducing the incidence of incontinence

    associated dermatitis ("IAD"), pressure injury/ulcer ("PI/PU") risk, decreased

    lymphocytes, improved serum albumin levels and improving physiological

    indicators in critically ill patients
    11. Potential reduction in falls from weak patients thatneed to use the bathroom and don't

    call for help
    12. Positively impact your Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) score, by reducing adult

    brief waste (see #5 above) and Co2 emissions
    13. Improved patient outcomes by providing better care
    14. Better online reviews from better care

    The use of a Carebidet can assist with cost savings of toileting care, improving patient outcomes and comfort, reduction of deaths from incontinence associated injuries, reducing cost of litigation due to unnecessary deaths, while improving caregiver efficiency, reducing stress and increasing job satisfaction.

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