• The Curaco Carebidet is a Game-Changing Solution for those caring for the Incontinent or Mobility Challenged that delivers smarter care and better health outcomes

    The groundbreaking Complete Intelligent (and Automated) Toileting System (CITS) incorporates notable technological innovations. Among its key features are five distinct and automated functions: detection, waste removal, washing, drying, and continuous moisture management.

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    “By leveraging technology and robotics in the Carebidet, we can remove some of the manual aspects of toileting care and allow caregivers to focus on more value-added and patient-centric aspects of care.”

    The Carebidet, by design, is a moisture management system. When the advanced, built-in sensors detect urine and/or feces, it automatically ‘flushes’ excrement away, removing both solid and liquid waste immediately upon excretion, virtually eliminating skin exposure in the pelvic girdle/sacrum. Additionally, Carebidet then cleans/washes and dries the area automatically. Also, initiating a drying cycle every hour (or as scheduled) to ensure a dry perineum area for the patient.


    The Carebidet decreases the burden on caregivers, healthcare costs, CO2, waste, paper diapers, bedpans, odor, worries, stress, and delay.

    The Inventor and Manufacturer

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    Curaco, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting an overall sense of wellbeing, The company. is becoming a global leader in the senior-care and home healthcare industry by providing compelling solutions to an ageing society.


    Curaco’s unceasing efforts for the past decade have pushed boundaries to attain unprecedented improvement for the Carebidet, satisfying the needs of patients and caregivers with optimal functionality and an easy-to-use design.

    Certifications, Patents, Awards

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