• Curaco in the News

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    Socialservice investment fund, first investment company born 

    Article Excerpt: 5 Dec 2023: "Invest in a company developing a defecation care robot that automatically handles the defecation of the elderly and severely disabled.

    FirstVice Minister of Health and..

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    Curaco CEO Lee Hoon-sang "Care paradigm will change from human care to robot care"

    Article Excerpt: 6 Nov 2023: "Paper diapers will gradually disappear and excretory care robots will be the only alternative." The need to excrete is the most basic human need. It's also an important need for the elderly in nursing homes, but in the facility,..."


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    "Patient feces" was about as much as it was..."44% of nurses' work" 

    Article Excerpt: 18 October 2023: A study found that the proportion of 'excretory care' duties of nurses

    who help defecate and urinate in patients with limited mobility or lying down is up to 43.8%. It is pointed out

    that it is necessary to prepare ...


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    As the number of Caregivers diminishes, there is a need for new products to fill the gap 

    Video - TV News: June 2023: "As there are more and more people who need to be cared for than those who can provide care, scientific technology is providing a solution for this aging problem.  



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    The use of 'caring robots' in an aging society is growing


    Article Excerpt: 13 Feb 2023: "Curaco, a comprehensive medical device development company, thought about how to get rid of paper diapers worn by patients and the elderly. This is because paper diapers are a means of care that have many disadvantages..."


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    Han Hoon, Director of Statistics observing the demonstration 


    Article Excerpt: 13 June 2023: Han Hoon (right), director of the National Statistics Office, visits Curaco Co., Ltd. in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, a company subject to the '13 Integrated Economic Statistics Survey' on the 2023th, and observes..."


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    Seoul expands elderly care facilities in neighborhoods...



    Article Excerpt: 19 Jan 2023: "Two new municipal silver care centers will be established in Gangdong-gu and Eunpyeong-gu, expanding to 57 large-scale nursing facilities by 2030, and supporting 'excretory care robots for the elderly' in public elderly care..."

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    Excretory care robot company Curaco enters the US market

    Signed a sales contract with CLS (COHealth) Consortium in the United States

    Article Excerpt: 16 Dec 2022: Curaco (CEO Lee Hoon Sang), a company specializing in excretory care robots, announced on the 16th that it has signed a distributorship agreement with the CLS (as of 01/01/2023 it is the COHealth) consortium of the United States for the sale of ..."

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    Curaco wins the Ministry of Trade, Industry and EnergyAward at the 19th Korea New...


    Article Excerpt: 15 Dec 2022: "Curaco, a company specializing in excretory care robots, hosted by the MBN Maeil Economic Daily, was recognized by receiving the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at the MaekyungMedia Center in Jung-gu, Seoul."