• Family Care Benefits

    Benefits of incorporating the Carebidet into the protocol of care at Caregivers

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    Family Caregivers

    More time and dignified care

    Families can return dignity to the loved one that is being cared for. Get back time and sleep better, as there is no longer the need to
    perform diaper or bedpan care.

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    Paid Caregivers

    More caring and less undesired cleaning

    Home Care and Home Health can provide a differentiated level of care for patients that are on diaper or bedpan care.

    Benefits to Family and Paid Caregivers

    Benefits range from hours of life returned to the family caregiver to greatly enhancing paid care of the individual.

    For a long time, many cultures have always held dear ‘respect for our elderly’ and ‘dignity for our aging’. This is a human, shared experience. We all grow old, as do our families, loved ones, and friends.

    One dignity-robbing experience that we all eventually share is adult diaper or bedpan care. For a senior person, their families and loved ones, this can be much more than difficult. Either with family care or with professional help, the fundamentals remain the same.


    Family Care

    • Reduced waste from no adult briefs
    • Savings: Consumables, Laundry and professional care
    • Reduction in odor and savings from less cleaning supplies
    • 80% reduction in time on diaper/adult brief care
    • More time for real quality family time
    • Increased dignity from not having to ask or having to change diapers
    • Potential reduction in contracted urinary tract infections (UTIs)
    • Potential reduction in pressure wounds
    • Potential reduction in falls
    • Potential reductions overall in ‘readmissions’
    • Improved outcomes by better and more dignified care


    Paid/Professional Care

    • Increased staff recruitment and retention. Caregivers much prefer working with the Carebidet to traditional diaper/adult brief care
    • Reduced waste from no adult briefs
    • Almost complete elimination of odors
    • Savings: Staff, consumables, and laundry
    • Savings: Less cleaning supplies
    • Increased staff productivity
    • Improved staff morale
    • Higher quality more advanced care
    • Improved patient outcomes through better and more dignified care
    • Potential reduction in falls
    • Potential reduction in workmen’s compensation claims
    • Potential reduction in contracted urinary tract infections (UTIs)
    • Potential reduction in pressure wounds
    • Potential reductions in ‘readmissions
    • Also staffing night shifts is always a challenge, plus not having to worry about the clients complaining about night shifts caregivers falling asleep

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    A change is needed.

    It is time as a culture, to make some improvements in maintaining dignity for our aging who need some help in this arena.

    The Carebidet is cost-effective both through the reduction in some existing costs as well as great savings in time, waste disposal, diapers, odor, cleaning, laundry, etc.


    Always ready, no waiting.

    Many senior citizens are forced to endure long wait times for essential diaper and toilet care. These wait times can be an emotional and physical toll on seniors, who may feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or even ashamed. It underscores the need to prioritize the dignity and well-being of older adults, ensuring that they receive prompt and compassionate care when they need it most.


    Easy to use, and easy to clean.

    Very comfortable to wear. The soft, removable silicone strip is the contact point with the patient’s body. This is easy to clean and easy to remove to insert the plastic cover to run the device cleaning cycle.

    Empty sewage tank and refill water tank once a day. Run the disinfection cycle once a week.

    After being utilized by the patient, the Carebidet has a self-cleaning cycle.