• Institutions that Benefit

    Benefits of incorporating the Carebidet into the protocol of care at Institutions

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    Risk Mitigation and Timely Discharge

    The Carebidet enables hospital staff to more effectively manage the patients that are assigned to them

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    Skilled Nursing Center

    Happier Staff and Patients

    The Carebidet can be a great assistant to overworked staff while the patient receiving more dignified care

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    Hospice Centers

    Dignified Care and Better Care

    The Carebidet can enable care to be more dignified while assuring staff and loved ones great care is provided

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    Assisted Living Centers

    An On-demand 'Automated Assistant'

    The Carebidet can allocated to a patient on a short or long-term basis in order as the need for this care arises

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    LTAC Facilities

    Improved Care and Outcomes


    The Carebidet enables Long-term Acute Care facilities to increase staff efficiency while providing better care

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    Memory Care Centers

    Reduction of UTIs and Staff Productivity

    The Carebidet can potentially reduce UTIs associated with patients waiting to be changed, and be a support to staff

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    Wound Care Centers

    Making a Challenging Recovery Easier for All

    The Carebidet can take care of the job that is needed to get done but many times a challenge for the staff and patients

  • Benefits to Institutions

    Benefits range from cost savings, staff retention and morale improvement, to better care for patients, and even positively impacting the environment

    Which of these Benefits are Important to You

    • Improved staff recruitment and retention goals
    • Reduced waste from using less adult briefs
    • Savings from consumables and laundry
    • Reduced odor
    • Savings from less cleaning supplies
    • Increased staff productivity by freeing up time
    • Increased staff morale
    • Potential reduction in workmen’s compensation claims from less back strain and injuries
    • Potential reduction in facility contracted urinary track infections (UTIs)
    • Potential reduction in facility caused pressure wounds (e.g. soars)
    • Potential reduction in falls from weak patients that need to use the bathroom and don't call for help
    • Positively impact your Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) score, by reducing adult brief waste and Co2 emissions
    • Potential reimbursement as adult brief care, bed pan care, and physical therapy from rotation cushions every 2 hours
    • Improved patient outcomes by providing better care
    • Provide more dignified care to patients
    • Better online reviews from better care

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