• Medicare/CMS Acknowledgement

    Carebidet System Initial Codes E2001 & A9286

    By design, the Carebidet is a complete intelligent (and automatic) toileting care system. It performs five distinct functions: detection, waste removal (e.g. suction), washing, drying, and continuous moisture management.


    2024 HCPCS LEVEL II Code (page 158-161) decision reflects new DME code E2001 to which are directed items that were reported with K1006 through December 31, 2023, for the waste removal (a.k.a. suction) only function of the Carebidet.


    In 2023, CMS acknowledged the Carebidet, a product newly introduced to the American market, by issuing their decision to point a portion of it to the new HCPCS code E2001.


    With CMS’ acknowledgement, the Carebidet is poised toadvance in gaining increased recognition through the HCPCS coding system. It is the manufacturer’s intention to re-visit the CMS committee to provide actual product experience in the healthcare setting. This will enhance their understanding of its capabilities and potential positive impact in reducing complications that arise without benefit of the Carebidet.


    In today’s reimbursement environment, and with the application of new HCPCS code E2001, it is possible to offset the cost of the Carebidet by approximately $600 over a 13-month period. The balance is self pay.

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