• Introducing the Carebidet

    A Complete Intelligent Toileting System (CITS)

    Thank you for 'Linking In' to a pardigm shift in Toileting Healthcare. The Carebidet is the only complete intelligent toileting system for the incontinent, bed-bound or mobility challenged, and fall risk patients/residents.


    Is your interest in saving money, reducing patient pressure injuries, or increase nursing efficiency? Or, is your concern minimizing UTIs/CA-UTIs, PIs/HA-PIs, patient falls, and re-admissions?


    Revolutionize the way patient toileting care is managed and bring it into the modern age. The current toileting care system is ripe for innovation.

    This is a paradigm shift. We need a new approach. The current toileting care system has basically moved from straw to softer paper to wipe bottoms over the centuries. Let’s not cause diseases by wrapping the softer paper around people as diapers! There is a new complete intelligent toileting system, it is overdue.


    With Carebidet, the toileting care protocol is significantly improved for both patient and caregiver as well outcome.


    Whether you implement the Carebidet as an Institution, Agency, or family at home, the benefits are dramatic for both you and the patient.

    119 Patents, 10 Years of R&D, 3 Years in Deployment.


    The Carebidet addresses the needs of the most vulnerable population, who also happen to be the most costly to our system. Addressing both in a win-win manner, is the ultimate goal. This is what the Carebidet “Complete Intelligent Toileting System” delivers.

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